As Yellow Power Ltd continues to develop and contract with new customers in different markets and countries, we have gained the following accreditations. Some are required to deal with large corporations, ensuring standards are passed through an entire supply chain. Others benefit our business by improving efficiency, reducing reworks and accidents, whilst at the same time nurturing a culture of continual improvement and environmental awareness.


ISO9001-2008 Is a Global standard that gives our organisation a range of Quality Management Systems that focus on providing better customer satisfaction, encouragement and motivation of our staff along with processes to drive continual improvement.


ISO14001 Demonstrates the commitment of Yellow Power Ltd to reducing our impact on the environment. Reductions on a continual basis of waste product, energy consumption and harmful emissions to our atmosphere are all areas of focus to our business.

Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

Our company is rated by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply and benchmarked in the areas of Economic, Social and Environmental performance against industry standards.