Generator Relocation

Whilst some of today’s generators are installed in plant rooms, the vast majority are designed to be plug and play units, with integrated cooling systems, control suites and fuel supply. This significantly reduces the onsite installation time required to install the generator, allows for thorough off site testing and proving, simplifies asset finance, and ultimately, its move to another location.

There are many reasons why a generator may need relocating. Changes in site load may require a different size generator to optimize use, landfill gas generators may need downsizing or changing to suit a changing gas curve. Obsolete plant may need replacing with a high power density unit, each site with its own set of financial and operational criteria is unique.

In many cases, a generator move, coupled with repackaging and a new set of controls can rejuvenate and give a new lease of life to what was a condemned piece of plant, whilst being a very attractive financial alternative to capital purchase of new.

We have experience in relocating both gas and diesel generators, along with all associated civil, mechanical and electrical works here in the UK and overseas. Ultimately, if our quotation for moving your generator does not meet your financial requirements, then we may be able to source alternative equipment from our new or used stock and take yours in part exchange.

Please call our experienced staff today to discuss your potential requirements, and how your business could benefit from the redeployment of existing power generation assets you may have.