CAT Generators

Caterpillar is the global leader in the manufacturing of generator sets. They offer a huge range of specs available.

If you require a diesel generator set from (6 to 14,040 ekW) of power potential they will give you confidence that their diesel fuelled generator sets are manufactured to a world beating standard. Coupled with Finning's unbeatable knowledge, expertise and service, we can offer you a world class power solution, whatever the application or operating conditions.

For low fuel consumption and high efficiency and overall world emissions compliance the CAT Diesel Generator Sets are available in a range of options to match your needs.

CAT generators have a huge advantage over other brands as they come with the expert service and comprehensive support of your nearby CAT distributor. It begins with quick delivery and continues through the ownership life of the diesel generator sets.

For more help and advice on our range of CAT Generators talk to Yellow Power today on +44 (0)1889 882 255 or email us

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