Used Oil Analysis

Used oil analysis is an essential, but mostly underutilised element to your Operation & Maintenance regime. It gives an extensive and precise insight into the condition of both the lubricating oil and your generator. With time at a premium, results of this testing are more often than not left to gather dust in a corner and are only studied when a problem occurs or when it’s too late.

Yellow Power Ltd can manage this service for you, saving you time in predicting problems before they occur, and money in avoiding unplanned downtime, and major service costs until absolutely necessary. We can offer you full and comprehensive reports detailing:

  • Advice on optimum grades for your generator and fuel
  • Optimisation of drain period based on duty cycles
  • Recommendations on maintenance practice to ensure maximum oil life
  • Trending of results to identify patterns of wear across a fleet of similar generators and fuel characteristics.
  • Early identification of problem equipment requiring closer scrutiny with a borescope or service work.

Our aim is provide you with maximum efficiency, savings and performance from one of your most expensive consumables, whilst protecting your generating plant from unexpected and costly failure at your time of need.

Please call our product support team for more information on our Oil Analysis service.