Generator Service

The service and maintenance of your generator is of utmost importance to the service it provides you. Bad practice and shortcuts may save revenue in the short term, but could cause catastrophic downtime and loss of income as a result. Yellow Power Ltd offer fully tailored maintenance service,customised to your needs loosely based upon three levels of contract:

  • Fixed price servicing. A basic agreement giving the customer advanced notice of parts and labour, although additional work found may be done at the time may be done at aditional cost, or quoted and carried out later.
  • Maintenance Contract. An intermediate agreement, where we offer our services to maintain the engine for a given period. Usually this type of contract does not include overhauls, breakdowns, or unplanned repairs. The cost of the contract may be funded by a pence per kW hour rate, or in the case of thermally-led engines (where we have no control of the electrical load), a £ per engine hour rate.
  • Repair & Maintenance Contracts. This is the most comprehensive type of Contract that we offer, it covers all the maintenance, all overhauls, all breakdowns, remote monitoring, all consumables and the supply of oil both changed and consumed for the duration of the Contract. These contracts are normally charged on a p/kWhr basis or an availability charge.

Please give our Service Department a call for a customised quote based on your specific needs.