Gas Generators

Today's gas generators provide one of the most reliable and fuel efficient ways of converting a variety of gaseous fuels into electrical power and heat. With fuel efficiencies now well over 40% and the ability to operate on what would have been considered a few years ago as waste gases, the modern gas engine with heat recovery can provide total system efficiencies of over 90%

Yellow Power Limited have extensive industry experience in the application and sales of gas generators into all market sectors, whether it be low energy fuels such as landfill, anaerobic digester, or biogas, through to natural gas and combined heat & power (CHP) We are able to design and install completely integrated power generation solutions, ranging from just a few kW to multiple MW installations that consistently deliver valuable financial benefits direct to your organisation's bottom line.

As an independent supplier, our generators can be supplied in a variety of outputs and configurations to suit your exact requirements and fuel characteristics.

Supported Brands

Supported Brands - Gas Generators - CAT - Jenbacher - MWM - MTU - Deutz - MAN