Data Centres

Today’s economy is reliant upon data, its storage and transmission are essential to everyday life and vital to business around the World. Our Governments, Search Engines, Cloud computing, financial hubs and institutions are all completely dependent upon the availability and function of Data Centres across the globe 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Electrical supply is the lifeblood of the Data Centre, powering servers and coolers, its loss can be catastrophic to users, making the performance of its standby power generators and UPS systems a critical factor in its supply and design. Uptime is absolutely critical, with the strive towards Tier IV classification and fault tolerant infrastructures, many systems are moving in the direction of N+2 or even N+N strategies, aiming at 99.995% availability… just 0.438 hours downtime per annum.

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Highlighting this importance, several generator manufacturers have now introduced special ratings for Data Centre generators, with higher outputs and smaller footprints, modular designs and greater reliability designed in, they are aimed specifically at this market.

Yellow Power Ltd.’s engineers have detailed and in depth experience in the application of these generators in Data Centres, providing standby power generation schemes with the utmost levels of availability and reliability. Modular systems with automatic start up, paralleling and no break power transitions, control integration and intelligent fuel systems, are all areas of expertise upon which they can offer advice.

Please call with your Data Centre power requirements and benefit from our engineer’s depth of experience.