Emergency Generators

In most cases, virtually all generators need a supply to commence operation, normally this would come from its grid connection or distribution system. However, in emergency situations, this supply is provided by a smaller ‘Black Start’ or emergency generator. This unit will have the capability to start independently and supply power for controls and auxiliary power on larger generating plant and allowing start up or ‘Island Mode’ operation.

Emergency Generators - Part 1 (text+image)

Our emergency generator packages and systems are designed to provide power in the event of a complete mains failure. Engineered and installed to provide reliability and fast start up, they can be integrated into any critical application such as Waste Water Treatment Plants, Hospitals, and Banks to provide continued energy and operation of auxiliary equipment throughout the mains outage, often facilitating the starting of larger engines or turbines.

Once installed, it is essential that your emergency generator is regularly inspected and maintained. Often neglected through lack of use, they are expected to start in your hour of need and provide a last line of support and energy to your critical systems. Our service department can provide you with a tailored quote specifically for your individual generator, ensuring regular maintenance and testing, guaranteeing performance when it is needed.

Please call our engineers for advice on black start and emergency generators.