Generator Packaging

Whilst some of today’s generators are installed in plant rooms, the vast majority are designed to be plug and play units, with integrated cooling systems, control suites and fuel supply. This significantly reduces the onsite installation time required to install the generator, allows for thorough off site testing and proving before delivery, allows for modularity, flexibility and simplifies asset finance.

However, packaging a generator isn’t simply as easy as bolting a unit into a shipping container. There are a large number of considerations to be taken into account including:

  • Airflow for combustion and cooling
  • Noise and necessary attenuation for the container and cooler.
  • Ambient air conditions and altitude of the unit’s ultimate destination
  • Fuel supply and reserve
  • Cooling requirements for the generator
  • Control system requirements
  • Generator voltage and local regulation requirements for switchgear
  • Maintenance access
  • Health & Safety requirements, e.g. handrails around roof mounted equipment
  • Ease of shipping and reassembly on site
  • Auxiliary equipment such as fuel and oil transfer pumps, plate heat exchangers.
  • Integration with site

We have significant experience in successfully packaging new or used gas and diesel generators for worldwide use in a multitude of applications. Please call our experienced sales team to discuss your particular needs and allow us to design a bespoke packaged solution for your power generation project