Insight Inspection

A division of Yellow Power Ltd, Insight Inspection provides the ability to get under the skin of your power generation equipment, to understand how it copes with its particular duty cycle and the fuel it uses. Drawing on experience across the power generation industry, we offer our customers the following services:

  • Engine borescope services using market leading Olympus Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) equipment, we can give you the inside view of your generator, identifying problems and extending service intervals until absolutely necessary.
  • Gas Testing services, we can test for bulk constituents as well as siloxanes and other contaminants commonly found in low energy fuels.
  • Failure reporting. Even with the best care and attention, things can sometimes still go wrong. Using our experience and necessary analytical skills, we can offer independent failure diagnosis trying to identify root cause and recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Plant condition assessment and due diligence services
  • Staff training on oil analysis and results interpretation
  • Trial monitoring of new oil grades and ‘benchmarking’ comparison with existing units in operation.
  • Thermal imagining of equipment and recommendations based on results.

Our aim is to provide a preventative maintenance approach to looking after your generation system, optimizing performance whilst minimising cost, giving the optimal financial return to your bottom line.

Please call our engineers to discuss further.