• Prime Power

Diesel Generator sets with a prime power rating are designed to operate for prolonged periods either in remote locations isolated from the grid, or where the amount of power that is able to be drawn from the network is limited. They are therefore ideally suited to applications in areas such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Brewing, Mining, and Manufacturing industries.

A prime rated generator set is able to supply power to a fluctuating load (mains parallel or island mode) for an unrestricted amount of hours per year, as long as the average load factor does not exceed 70% of the manufacturer’s full nameplate rating, except where the manufacturer may allow a higher load factor. An overload of 10% is permissible for one hour in every 12, for a maximum of 25 hours per year. Prime power rating is normally 10% lower than a standby rating.

Yellow Power Ltd offer a range of quality Prime Power Generators from a variety of manufacturers capable of 5kVA to 3.5MVA in output, precisely selected and matched to your requirements along with specifically matched balance of plant backed up by our wealth of experience and advice.

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