Fuel Systems

At the heart of every successful diesel or gas fuelled power generation project is a well-designed and reliable fuel system, without this in place, even the highest cost generators and control systems cannot deliver consistent power.

Fuel Systems - Part 1 (text+image)

Gas Power Generation

With the ever increasing variety of gases being utilised for power generation today, an understanding of the fuels properties and characteristics is paramount to designing a suitable fuel delivery and control system. Whether it is straight forward natural gas, landfill or low energy fuels your system is using, our extensive experience in this field allows us to fit exactly the right system to your new generator, or indeed upgrade the technology used on your existing installation.

Diesel Power Generation

Delivery of clean fuel to the modern diesel engine is critical to its successful operation. Whether operating on standby, prime or continuous operation, current high pressure injection systems not only use the fuel to lubricate components but also to cool pumps and injectors. A properly designed fuel system will allow for air release and sufficient volumes to prevent fuel overheating and recirculation. Incorporation of fuel condition such as polishing, heating and filtration can all be accommodated in the design, along with redundancy and duplication of components to eliminate possible single points of failure. With a focus on Environmental legislation, all of the systems we design have fully bunded tanks and dual skinned delivery pipework, suitably alarmed and protected should the unthinkable happen, and a leak occur.

Please call with your generator’s fuel supply requirements, whether it’s a low Calorific Value (CV) waste derived gas, or a 30,000 litre fully bunded ISO container system, with fuel polishing and filtration, we can help.