Control Systems

As control technology and ‘On Engine’ electronics advance, generator control systems have changed drastically over the last few years, rendering those found on engines even 10 years old virtually redundant.

A bewildering array of systems are now available, produced by OEM’s or aftermarket suppliers, each suited to particular applications. Whether it is accurately controlling the air fuel ratio and emissions of your gas generator, or monitoring site wide load consumption enabling almost instant load shedding in the event of a mains failure, Yellow Power Ltd can help design a controls solution to cover every eventuality.

No power generation system can work effectively in isolation from the process it supports. We excel at integrating our product into your existing and future site infrastructure, enabling easy communication, control and monitoring, either locally or remotely. Examples would include remote applications such as STOR, BMS systems, site breaker control, gas generator air fuel ratio control, and liquid fuel supply systems.

We have been involved in the fitment of customer preferred controls to new equipment, giving used equipment a new lease of life by up fitting of new controls, and the design of bespoke site wide systems that effectively manage site load and demand in the harshest of overseas environments.

Please call our experienced staff today to discuss your control system requirements.