Sewage & Water Treatment

The treatment of waste water and sewage is an essential operation carried out by our Water Companies. The removal of solids, chemical, and biological contaminants ensures its safe environmental discharge or purification for human consumption. Reliable power is essential to maintain this operation 24/7.

The biodegradable material is broken down by a process called Anaerobic Digestion in which microorganisms break down the material in the absence of oxygen. This process produces a gas as a by-product which can be used to fuel a high efficiency gas generator. Whilst containing approximately 60% CH4, some contaminants (siloxanes and H2S) can be present within this fuel, and are generally a result of the waste materials fed into the digester, these however can be isolated or treated using advanced filter techniques before combustion. This completes what is an extremely effective energy cycle with efficiencies reaching 90% in some cases.

Our standby diesel generator systems can also be integrated into the Waste Water Treatment Plant, forming an integral component of the sites emergency plan and allow continued ‘Island Mode’ process in the event of a mains failure.

We are able to select suitable equipment from a wide range of suppliers and supply a fully integrated turnkey package that supports your 24/7 operation.

Please call our experienced engineers with your WWTP power requirements.